Cambridge 5
Test 3
Task 1

The map (shows) is about a new supermarket’s two planned places in Garlsdon. There are 65,000 people live in Garlsdon. The town center is at (nearly) the middle of the town; housing is around the town center. Industries are on north and south side. There are three main roads to Hindon(population 10,000), Bransdon(population 15,000), and Cransdon(population 29,000), but there is only one railway (which) passing though this town.

The first planned place of supermarket is on (in) the northwest side of Garlsdon, and the second is on the town center. Compared these two places, the first place is on countryside which means the price of the place could be lower. (personally opinion, is that ok?) However, the first place is far from the center that it is not convenient for residents.

The traffic access to (of) the second place is easier than the first one. First, it is on town center and housing is surroundings so residents can come conveniently. Besides (that), all the main lines of transportation (communication) are passed though the second place, so that the people of Hindon, Bransdon, and Cransdon can come to use this (consume in) new supermarket without taking long time.

 Task 1

Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taught to co-operate rather than compete become more useful adults.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

The population in current society was increased rapidly, which lead to the distance between people is shorter than before and competition become severely. There are a significant number of people believed that competition is a positive influence to children. However, my opinion is that cooperate is more important than competition. My reasons and reverse side will be discussed in this essay.

First, it is widely believed that children who learn to cooperate in groups will be developed flexibility and diversity. For example, group discussion in study is effective and time saving. They also can discover different opinions from other child. Furthermore, by working together, children can avoid excessively self-centered and be more willing to give and share. To take basketball games for instance, members always have to team up with others because it is impossible to win a game by oneself. Moreover, children can obtain important communication skills by cooperation such as to deal with a conflict of argument, to negotiate with members. All of these advantages can benefit children become useful adults.

Nevertheless, some people accept that competition is obviously better than cooperation, because to expand competitiveness from one’s childhood can stimulate highly motivation of learning. For example, children take study seriously could win a better place in a competition. Besides, contention since one was very young also can provide an opportunity to express and insist their need. Although there are some advantages, competition in children still turn to worry about personally gains and losses or selfish easily.

In conclusion, because human is a social animal so it is difficulty to live independently. Learning how to work together and enjoying the process of seeking that is really accommodation in competitively society.

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