Part One
What is your favourite colour?
Brown and black are my favourite colours. I have a lot of brown and black clothes. They make me fell calm and tranquil, especially when I am in clothes with these two colours.
Do colours have meaning?
Yes, generally speaking, I think colours have their own meanings. For example, red represents passion and enthusiasm, and yellow is energetic and bright, while pink means loveliness.
Is there any colour that is special to the Taiwanese?
Yes, some colours have special meanings for us. For example, red represents happiness. During Chinese new year, people, especially children, dress in red. We wrap gifts in red paper and give red envelopes to each other’s children in this season. Red is used to create a festival atmosphere.
What is the relationship between colours and personalities?
It is said that if you like bright colours, you may be an optimistic person who enjoy life, and excitement more. If you prefer darker colours such as gray or black, you are probably relatively quiet and shy.
Part Two
Describe one of your friend.
(1)   who this person is
(2)   how you got to know each other
(3)   what activities you engage in when you are with this person
(4)   What influence do you think he/she has on you?
I would like to talk about one of my best friend, Jessica, who I have known for more than 20 years. We attended the same kindergarten, primary school and high school. One special thing we did together is giving speech as graduate representatives in our graduation. For the preparation of the speech, I went to her home after school almost everyday. Therefore I also got familiar with Jessica’s family. When we were at high school age, Jessica’s father decided to immigrate to New Zealand. After their immigration, we had not met for quite a long time but still kept in touch with letters. I think her positive and bright character makes me relaxed being with her. And she is also a hard-working girl that her attitude toward life encourage me to make myself better all the time. Because of this friend, I think I became more brave and optimistic in my daily life.

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